Human Resource and Organisational Development

We offer a very wide range of services in people and organisations development. An organisation that wishes to improve performance must improve on the organisation systems, policies and procedures. The organisation must also enhance the competencies of the individual staff. We achieve this, we offer the following services to our clients:

Human Resource Policy and Manuals

We will design Human Resource Policies and Procedures and Systems Manuals that guide you on how to achieve a strong, moral and result-oriented work ethic.

Performance Management

Performance Management Systems are critical for setting and monitoring performance standards. We will develop policies, systems and tools for you. We will ensure that both Appraisers and the Appraisees are well trained in performance appraisal skills and how best to benefit from an appraisal system.

Executive Selection

We take over the task of head-hunting and hiring Executives for you. We take the hustle of CVs screening and initial interviews from you. We will deliver to you a powerful shortlist for you to choose your best fit.

Salary Surveys

Salary surveys and structuring will ensure that your company is able to attract and retain staff through competitive salaries. Your ability and willingness to pay equitable salaries will give you a competitive edge.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests and assessments are a window to an employee’s innate potential. We are trained and certified in psychometrics. We use them for recruitment, career guidance, communications, leadership and relationships building among others. Our Director Njoki Muhoho is registered with the British Psychological Society and with the top psychometric publishers including Psytech International SA/UK, Oxford Psychologists Press (UK), Morrisby Organisational (UK) and ASE NFER-Nelson.

Assessment Centre Development

An Assessment Centre (AC) is a series of exercises designed to mirror actual work skills and competency demands. We design and administer assessment centres for client organisations for a range of objectives including recruitment, job placement, promotions, management and personal development programmes. We also use them to facilitate an organisation’s competence evaluation.

Succession Planning

You may have good and effective managers today, but that does not guarantee you are sufficiently covered should any of them leave you. There is also need to identify key competencies and development programmes to ensure that staff in each grade has the necessary competence to move to the next level. We will structure for you a competence-based Succession Plan.