Management Consultancy

Strategic Plan Development

Today, for survival as well as growth, companies must constantly adjust, adapt and align themselves with the changing environment in which they work. Their sense of direction is determined by deliberate strategic thinking. We work closely with client executives and management in the development of their strategic plans.

Development of Organisation Structures

We will ensure that your organisation structure is a tool to achieving your strategic objectives. We will work with you to identify the key jobs and ensure the reporting relationships facilitate effective information flow and decision making.

Corporate Core Values

An organisation’s core values are the DNA of the people who work there. We will facilitate the development of corporate core values through a study of your vision, mission and strategic objectives. We will translate these values into the preferred attitudes and behavioural patterns. We will work with you in sensitising your staff on these values.

Culture and Change Management

Well thought out strategies, well developed organisation structures and well thought out core values will not translate into performance if the culture of the organisation does not match this. We work with our clients in ensuring that their cumulative behaviours and work styles translate into the desired organisation culture.

Employee Surveys

Management teams must keep clearly on their radar, their staff attitudes to work, colleagues, leadership and employer. We recognise staff surveys are an important way of ensuring that the staff views are captured for organisational improvement.

Customer Surveys

If you are customer centric, you will be committed to finding ways of receiving continuous feedback from your current and potential customers. We will work with you in designing feedback mechanism as well as conduct surveys for you. These are simplified surveys that do not overload you with data. But instead, they provide you feedback not only on the customers’ perceptions but also internal systems and their ability to meet customer demands.

Coaching and Mentoring Policy and Programmes

Coaching and mentoring is no longer an event. It is a management and leadership style. Every manager and supervisor must have sufficient skills in this if they are to grow their staff. The poor quality of education puts demands on management team to continue training their young employees on engaging them. Modern work pressures also mean there is little time for formalised training. The manager must be the coach and the mentor. We will design for you coaching and mentoring policies and programmes. We will train your managers on the skills and attitudes and also sensitise their reportees on how best to benefit from the process.