Management Training

We have over 20 years’ experience in design, development and delivery of training within the region. Our range of courses includes leadership, management, supervisory and personal effectiveness. We pride ourselves on a large library of well-tailored and relevant training materials and management tools.

Our range of training courses includes, but is not limited to:

Leadership in Senior Leadership

As leaders, our desire is to inspire, influence and persuade others to our way of thinking. We improve the performance of our clients with resistance to new ideas and eliminate conflict. This course is for the modern leader who, realising there is no one leadership style, identifies and adopts a range of tools to fit the moment. It is a programme for those who wish to lead effectively in times of change.

Management Skills Development Modules

Good workers are not always good managers. Managing people is a skill in organising, coordinating and knowing what makes people tick. It is a balance of resources, people and tasks. This range of courses ensures that managers develop their management and people skills.

Supervisory Skills Training Modules

Effective supervisors have learnt how to balance the 3Qs of supervision: Quality, Quantity and the Question of Cost. This modular programme is designed to enable new and experienced supervisors gain new skills and test them on the ground, then come back for more. The training modules are practical in nature. Participants take real life assignments back to the work place and report back on the experience. The training modules are designed to meet supervisory demands of the new Graduate Trainee as well as that long-serving factory worker who has recently been promoted to foreman. This is one of the most popular programmes in the region.

Business Communication Skills

Maybe it is your Business Writing or Business Presentation Skills that stand between you and your promotion. You are technically good at your work and often have great ideas on work improvement. But you constantly fail to make your boss and colleagues ‘see your point of view’. Then, you need these two programmes on how to sell your ideas best through writing and through personal presentation to groups or one. These two programmes are your ticket to moving up the higher echelons. The unwritten rule is, after a certain rank, they promote you for your people and communication skills but not how good you are as an expert in your specific field. If you are in hurry to get that top position, these two courses are a must.

Personal Effectiveness Programmes

Are the personal and business etiquette levels of your new staff and young managers giving you a hard time? Well, our range of personal effectiveness programmes will give them a jump-start into the real world of businesses. We will ‘teach’ them what they need not learn in the school system. We will drum in the realities of the corporate world. We will open their blind spots and enhance their knowledge and skills in; telephone handling, dress codes, business communications skills, personal grooming, social etiquette, business letter writing, table manners etc. The list is long. We handle all those topics which many managers find hard to handle.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

The world is moving so fast. Work pressures increase and organisations are recruiting more young people whose skills need to be enhanced. The executive has no free time to attend formalised training. Even then, the development needs for executives are dissimilar. A generic class will not suit all. What about the executive’s diary, the contents of which shifts all the time? But the executive must also enhance his personal skills in leadership. This is why we have the Executive Coaching programme. We will sit with the executive and agree with him his areas of improvement. We will together diarise 2 to 3-hour slots of training at the convenience of the executive. Training is done on his/her availability. The coaching is focused and delivered in a non-risk environment. The executive turns student without losing his robes.

Media Training Programme

Executives that get ‘misquoted’ by the media have themselves to blame. They have not attended a media-training programme with us. Speaking to the media is an art that needs skills. With our sister company, Zebra Productions Kenya (, we will coach you on how to prepare and manage media and media messages. Whether it’s talking to the press over the telephone, chatting face-to-face with a journalist or being interviewed on the radio or television, it is important that your organisation is presented in a professional manner. The job of passing news from the source to the audience is very complex and involving and for this reason it is important to be professionally equipped with the skills to carry out these duties diligently and without any complications. You do not want to be misquoted. Be prepared.